Rose Bentley https://www.getcloudcherry.com

Revenue and Customer Centric Leader

Denise Wymore https://www.nacuso.org/

Membership & Advocacy Development Director at Nacuso. Certified NPS Associate since 2008 


Discover the 7 main areas that flag risk to your Financial Institution's reputation


Here’s what you’ll learn from the webinar:

  • Measure, manage, and proactively prevent reputation risks
  • Identify best practices to boost reputation amongst members & customers, and increase loyalty
  • Drive profitable experiences by intelligently handling risk
  • Handle member & customer interactions tactfully to reduce instances of negative experiences
  • Build positive reputations across multiple touchpoints – website, branches, contact centers, and more


Who should attend the webinar?

  • CXOs who aim to maximize loyalty, retention and reduce member churn
  • Member Experience & CX Professionals who are looking to minimize reputation risks by understanding changing member expectations
  • Marketing Managers who aim to acquire new members through word-of-mouth marketing of positive reputations.